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Kwentong Tambay (Nicanor David Jr.) October 1, 2006

Posted by julsitos in Philippine Fiction.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars 

This blogbook by Mr. David aka “Batjay” is a terrific accompaniment to your bathroom needs. It’s funny, irreverent and replete with the greenest of jokes. Although it has been marketed as a joke book from the eyes of an OFW, for me it crosses the boundery into Pinoy ‘Benny Hill’ show. Each vignette and quip is very well written and always bring a smile to any reader.  This is perfect for the beach, for parties, for defecating or even as treatment for somnolence.

Pros: Very earthy, bawdy and does not dumb down its audience. Excellent punchlines. Simple but effective cover- yellow always catches the eye. Fonts are large. . Reasonably priced.

Cons: Wished it could have been more organized rather than mix everything up.

Price: P120

Source: Filbars

Blogsite: Kwentong Tambay



1. Kwentong Tambay - October 8, 2006


2. dina rivera - October 17, 2006

hi mr. batjay!
sobrang therapy sken ang book mo!as in humahagalpak tlga ko s tawa!great gift for ofw’s!kudos 2 u!hope 2 read more of ur kulit stories!sana me part 2 part 3 & so on & so forth…cant w8 to read it!godbless…

3. Retrack - November 14, 2006

nabadtrip yata yung katabi ko sa Fx kanina. Natutulog kasi sya habang ako ngababasa ng libro ni batjay. Paano ba naman tawa ako ng tawa. nasiraan yata ako ng ulo. tumatawa mag-isa.

Yung US version naman sa part 2 ha! ang galing

4. chondrix - June 18, 2007

PUTANGINA! makapagjakol na din kase sabe ni batjay nakakapayat daw un

5. jonathan - March 17, 2009

elow unkel batjay ganda po ng batang kaning lamig ninyo.

6. judy - November 12, 2009

hey!mr. batjay, katatapos ko lang maexperience magbasa ng book mo.haha kakaAning basahin=)

7. judy - November 12, 2009

mr. batjay, kakaAning book mo.haha pero my mga natutunan naman po ako…….,

8. Ebethang - December 3, 2009

i love this book, i had two copies, but then again i gave them away! shoot, now nahihirapan na ako makahanap dito sa States nang mabibilhan! syet talaga! does any one know where i can get another copy from the states?

9. Von Russel Ladines - August 4, 2011

…muli kong binasa at muli akong napatawa!!! :):

10. shihamichie - September 30, 2011

Nice Ganda ng book my unkyel batjay ilang beses ko ng binabasa ng paulit ulit yung book mo.. tawa pa din ako ng tawa…

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