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Curb My Enthusiasm September 26, 2006

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Far inside the Powerplant Tent, my relatives and I went to the Fullybooked bookstore. This place is THE place for every book your little heart desires. I believe they have the most extensive catalog of books in the entire country easily overpassing National and Powerbooks. Unfortunately, their prices also overpassed all other bookstores because they sell full retail price.

Anyway, I went there to pick up several books that Fullybooked promised to give me… for free! These are consolation prizes one receives for entering their essay contests. The grand prize of which was a trip to fucking Bali! Well, any prize is better than none at all. So I went to their customer service and produced my ID. The clerk looked at it and took out a bag heavy with books inside. I felt like winning the lottery. The adrenaline rush of getting something expensive for free is exhilarating and mind-numbing. It was like Christmas.

I took the bag from their hands, signed a receipt and went off to show it to Tita A and cousins M and A who were perusing some new titles. I was ecstatic. But my companions were “not” verrrrry impressed. Haha! Well, bully for them! A few curious inquiries and peptalk about luck and writing skills from them, but on a whole, it was a “neutral” moment. It was more of an “I can’t imagine you reading these stuff?” type of conversation rather than a “Wow! This is a great book!” kind of talk. Perhaps if it was a car or a gift cheque for a hotel buffet, then they would understand my enthusiasm. Sometimes, people have difficulty appreciating things they find banal or boring. Things that do not make a connection to their daily routine or even mere existence will only elicit a shortened spark of interest. Well, if I had won cold hard cash, then anyone I think can relate to my fortune. But books? Pfft. I think it was only my friend T who alone screamed at the cellphone when I broke the news that I won their contest. That person was enthusiastic enough to egged me to give her one of the books. Good for her.

The Books…
1. This Earth of Mankind (Pramoedya Ananta Toer)
– First part of the Buru Quartet, this is Indonesia’s novel of resistance against Dutch colonial oppression. Heavily influenced by Rizal and the Philippine revolution.
2. Musashi (Eiji Yoshikawa) – Hardbound copy of Japan’s epic samurai story.
3. Collected Short Stories vol.4 (W. S. Maugham) – given to my friend T.
4. Complete Novels (George Orwell) – Six novels including Animal Farm and 1984 compiled into one nifty volume. A dream book.
5. The Best Philippine Short Stories of the Twentieth Century (ed. by Isagani Cruz) – Hardbound copy of the best printed short fiction anthology in Philippine literature. A scarce and highly-sought volume. A keeper.


Mic Test… September 26, 2006

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Mic test… mic test. Ahem! Announcing to you the start of The Library Cafè, a blog dedicated to reading books, reviewing titles and everything in between. A subsidy of the Idiotboard and other subsequent blogsites, TLC will endeavor to bring you the best and worst, the sensational and the mundane, the sacred and the profane of one’s reading experience. Sit back, relax and have a cup of espresso on us!